Zimbabwe Govt Relaxes Visa Rules

The government of Zimbabwe mades its visa rules easier to promote international tourism. The new visa rules were announced by Melusi Matshiya. He is the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs. He said that the Zimbabwean government was responsible for providing safety and security to create a conducive environment for global success.

Matshiya also said that the Ministry of Home Affairs wants to maintain and promote law and order in the country. This can be done by timely registration, managing migration, and issuing correct documents, and regulating private security industry. Zimbabwe is the third country in the South African region to adopt the stance. People visiting Zimbabwe are divided into different categories.

People belonging to category B have to get their visas at points of entry. Category C people come from conflicted countries and have to get a visa before boarding plane. The immigration department of Zimbabwe has started an online visa application platform so that it is convenient for people to travel to the country. It is open to all country citizens.

Source: The Zimbabwe Daily

Faster application processing

Matshiya said that application processing has become a lot faster. However, this portal is not yet open to category C people. The government said they are still reviewing their decision for that group of people. The Zimbabwean government also has adopted the Integrated Border Management. This system enhances border security.

Zimbabwe is a landlocked South African country known for its wildlife and the thundering Victoria Falls. Some of the places to visit in Zimbabwe are Hwange National Park, which is a home tomany elephants, Matobo National Park, Victoria Falls Bridge, Matusadona National Park, and Chinhoyi Caves. A few dishes to try in Zimbabwe are roasted butternut squash, sadza re masikati, dovi, and cornmeal cake. So when are you planning to visit Zimbabwe and explore its wildlife.

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