Why Should You Study in Russia?

Russia is a self-sufficient country. It has always topped the list of having the most educated populated, overpowering Canada, the US, and Israel. Every year over 200,000 international students enroll in Russian universities. Russia is the largest country in the world and has very low unemployment rate. There are plenty job opportunities and a very positive work environment.

Source: Travel + Leisure

Here are four reasons you should consider Russia to complete further education:

1. In-depth all round education

Russia has a strong foundation in engineering, mathematics, natural science, and physics. In the past it has produced some of the best geologists, physicists, engineers, and programmers that have gifted the world with mind blowing research and invention. You are sure to get insightful knowledge from the best researchers in the field.

2. Affordable fees and international student funding

Russia is one of the few countries in the world that provide funding to international students. Studying in Russia is very affordable. For quality education, international students have to pay from 1,100 US dollars to 6,100 US dollars of tuition fees. Plus, it offers thousands of scholarships to international students. In 2016 alone, Russian government and universities provided 15,000 international student scholarships.

3. Learn Russian language

Never leave a chance to learn a new language. Over 260 million people all around the world speak Russian. You can also take up a part time summer language course to learn it. Some state-funded courses are completely free. What’s better than getting free education? In your free time you can also take Russian language classes and generate income.

4. Easy to adjust

It isn’t difficult to adjust in Russia because it has over 200 ethnic groups. People of all faiths co-exist peacefully in the country. This is a golden opportunity for you to get to know more people and explore about their cultures.

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