US Citizens Can Apply For A Brazil Visa Online

You don’t need to stand in queue at your nearest Brazilian Embassy. If you are an American you can apply for a Brazilian visa only. Brazil is an attractive destinations for vacationers all around the world especially Americans. People from the US love Brazil’s neverending coastline and white sands.

Citizens of the USA still need a visa to travel to Brazil. You were required to go to the Brazilian Consulate with your passport, the application, a passport size photo, and copy of your round ticket to Brazil and only then you would get a visa. From November onwards, the visa process will be online for Australia. From January 2018, the online process will be available for the US, Japan, and Canada.

All you have to do is upload the required documents, fill and online fan, and you will get your online visa within 72 hours. Marx Beltrão, Brazil’s Tourism Minister, said that this move will reduce bureaucracy. It will also boost foreign tourism and motivate foreigners to visit the South American nation. Making the visa process online is a part of the Tourism + Brazil Plan. Brazilian tourism ministry launched it in April 2017. It is aimed at boosting international tourism.

Source: National Geographic Kids

Increase international tourism by 25 percent

The visa process change will increase international tourism in Brazil by 25 percent. Brazil is always looking at opportunities to boost tourism. For Rio Olympics, the government reduced its visa requirements for citizens from the USA, Japan, Australia, and Canada.

The price will be the same for online visa. The fees are $160. It lasts for 90 days. So say goodbye to standing in the visa queue for long hours. No more of pre-visa stress. Don’t forget to try Brigadeiro, super-food açai, Empadas, prawn skewers, and fried cassava when you visit South American country of Brazil.

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