Top 3 Universities in Canada for Further Studies

Canada is home to one of the finest universities in the world. Canada six out of world top 200 universities. It is a big country and depending upon whether it is a private or public university, the fee structure and costs change. Canada is ideal for students looking to settle in the country after completing studies. It is very easy to get permanent residency in Canada and there are plenty job opportunities.

Source: MTL Blog

Here are three top universities in Canada for further studies:

1. University of Toronto

The University of Toronto was earlier controlled by the Church of England. The university’s courses are designed as per British standards. The university is famous for opening Canada’s first publishing house and first forest science faculty. It is also the first university to receive $1 billion CAD in endowment. Famous graduates from the University of Toronto are Lester B Pearson, Susan Denaker, and John Kenneth Galbraith.

2. University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia has two campuses – one in Vancouver and other in Kelowna. The university has produced seven Nobel prize winners, 65 Olympic medallists, and 69 Rhodes scholars. Around 25 percent of the university’s students are international students. Getting into the university is highly competitive and only the most deserving get admission. Famous personalities who graduated from the university are Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Evangeline Lilly, and Kim Campbell.

3. McGill University

Every year the McGill University enrolls over 40,000 students. Founded in 1821, students who enter the university have highest entering percentages than students who go to other universities. In 1829, the McGill University opened Canada’s first medicine facility. Famous graduates from McGill University are William Shatner, Leonard Cohen, and James Naismith. Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau completed his undergraduate degree from this university. He then went to University of British Columbia for a postgraduate course.

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