Top 3 Job Portals in New Zealand for Students

We can pretty much find anything on internet and jobs are not any exception. Searching for an open situation, applying to the job and communicating with the recruiters can all be done on the internet. Sadly, this is not the age of advertisements in our daily. In New Zealand, the country with a number of immigrants looking at, the need for employers and employees has become important and this can be done easily with an aggregator of jobs like portals.

Most jobs are mentioned on job boards and a lot of the offers of employment depends on the occupation and the kind of recruitment channels they rely upon. All the fields including but not limiting to

  • Accountants,
  • IT Consultants (SAP, Oracle, Networking engineers),
  • Farming,
  • BPO and call centres,
  • Medical field, including Nursing, Doctors, and even the Hospitality industry.
  • Construction and Architecture,
  • Banking and Administration,
  • Consulting and Sports,
  • Jobs in the Government department,
  • Jobs in the Food industry
  1. Seek NZ –

Seek is one of the most favourite of all of the job portals of New Zealand and it boasts of the highest number of users among all the portals offering services of hiring and recruitment.

  1. Trademe Jobs –

It’s one more favorite and popular job portal and it’s not only for jobs but also for buying and selling products online under various categories.

  1. Careers section in Government of New Zealand portal –

The link here leads to the Government portal where you can find links to all job vacancy websites for Students, Immigrants, Migrants, and Graduates.

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