Saudi Arabia review Pilgrimage visa charges

Saudi Arabia review Pilgrimage visa charges

Following on from the recent news from the government of Saudi Arabia of new visa fees across the board from work, visit and residency visas and most controversially cover Umrah and pilgrimage visas the government is now considering lowering of the fees for Umrah. The government had already announced that fees for those travelling for […]

Georgia announces visa free travel for Saudi’s

It has been announced during a meeting between the Georgian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry that Saudi citizens are now able to travel to Georgia without the need for getting a visa. In an effort to strengthen trade and tourism ties between the two countries it is hope […]

Anger at Saudi Arabia visa price hikes

Following the recent news, reported on this site last month, that the government of Saudi Arabia planned to increase visa fees for all visitors there are reports today that the cost of the trip to Meccas is now 500% more expensive that it was before the rises.   The six fold increase in visa fees has […]

Massive hike in Saudi Visa Fees Announced

Saudi Arabia have announced that they have raised their visa fees an astonishing seven-fold increase resulting in some suggesting that businesses will be put off travelling to the country. Saudi business leaders have dismissed claims that business will be deterred from travelling to the Kingdom saying that most business can afford the increases and will […]