Simple Visa Rules for Indians Traveling to Kazakhstan

Visiting Kazakhstan is not always feasible for Indians. The visa rules until now have been very difficult. Kazakh President approved a draft decree that eases visa rules for nationals of India, China, Russia, Persian Gulf countries, and the European Union. The new rules have a lot of time and won’t come into action until 2025.

According to the draft document, legislation rules for traveling to the Republic of Kazakhstan will be improved for five countries including India, China, Persian Gulf countries, the European Union countries, and Russia. The visa application process will be made easy for entry visa. All decisions will be taken by the state governing body. The document was released by the government on its Kazakh National Economy Ministry website.

Also, visa-free transit of 72 hours will be given to citizens of the mentioned countries. Online payments will be allowed to reduce waiting time. The government wants to digitalize migration flow and a system that will register foreign citizens automatically and allot e-visas simultaneously. If you want to travel to Kazakhstan currently, you first need to issue a migration card through Border Service of Committee of National Security and only then you will get a visa-on-arrival. Visitors 16 and older need the card to enter the kingdom.

Source: Saga

Beautiful central Asian country

No one talks much about Kazakhstan because no movies popularized it. But to say the least, it is one of the most stunning countries you’ll ever visit. The country is famous for its Russian Orthodox church and Central State Museum of Kazakhstan. It borders Russia and China on its east and the deserts of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan on the west.

It has a very strong cultural influence of all its neighboring countries. Best time to visit the country is during late spring. Cities to visit in Kazakhstan are Almaty, Astana, Taraz, Mangystau region, and Semipalatinsk.

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