Indian students in US universities on the decline – Trump effect?

US Universities reporting reduced admissions due to Trump administration’s hostile view on immigration.

A tougher stance in immigration policies from the Trump administration might affect admissions in US universities, according to some reports. The political turmoil and changes in the visa system is making the US a less attractive destination for international students.

Officials from about two dozen universities reported a noticeable decrease in students from China and India. Students from these two countries account for most international students in US universities, which are their major source of revenue, ironically. The factors influencing this statistic are dime-a-dozen, and most of them have a cause-effect relationship with each other. But the topmost reason in this hierarchy of factors is national policies on immigration and visas. And the direct consequence is fear. The fear of an uncertain future can unsettle even the strongest of heart. One can imagine what these students are going through, psychologically speaking.

The hint of an overhaul in the OPT and H-1B visa system seems to have put the international student community on high alert. Many ponder if they will be able to secure employment there after graduating.

Adding fuel to the fire is the rising intolerance and xenophobic attitude among the locals. Recent events suggest a hostile attitude towards ethnically diverse populace from some radical groups. No wonder then, that the prospective students in higher education categories tend to feel unwelcome in the U.S. This condition has led to concerns about personal safety. As a result, many students are increasingly inclined to either postpone their plans to study in the U.S. or cancel them.

The evidence from reports of incomplete paperwork and absentees on campus even after successful, verified admittance procedure is disheartening to those Universities. Apart from missing out on a diversity in international culture, these institutions are getting hit where it hurts the most – revenue. But that’s the least of their problems. If this trend continues, the reputation of US as the most preferred destination for the brightest may no longer be relevant.

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