India Sees Large Increase In Foreign Tourists After Online Visa Processing

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The Modi government has always emphasized on science and technology for strengthening India, its people, and future. And we can already see the results. This year, India introduced e-visas to boost international tourism. It was specifically aimed for increasing international tourism during the off-season, i.e, the summers and monsoon.

In October 2016, India received 1.05 lakh international tourists. This year in October, India received 1.76 lakh foreign visitors. That is a 67.3 percent increase in the number of international tourists who visited. If this is the positive outcome in just a year, we can only imagine how much more people will visit in the coming years. The e-visa system this year was started only on experimental basis but it seems like it is going to stay.

Last year between January and October 2017, India received 7.81 lakhs international visitors and this year during the same time it was 12.43 lakhs. It is a growth percentage of 59.3 percent. The highest number of international tourists came from the United Kingdom at 18.2 percent, the USA at 9.7 percent, France at 6.3 percent, and Germany at 6 percent among others.

foreign visitors
Source: India Today – India Today Group

Delhi receives most number of international visitors

Out of the 15 international airports in India, Delhi International Airport received 53 percent foreign tourists. Delhi was followed by Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Goa in chronological order.

If you are traveler and planning to visit India soon, you should definitely take the advantage of the limited e-visa system. India is the seven largest country in the world. It is impossible to visit all the states because it is simply huge. Some of the states to visit in India are Jammu and Kashmir, Kerala, Rajasthan, Assam, and Madhya Pradesh. They are all different directions but you’ll cover the various cultures in a limited duration.

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