Taiwan Offers Visa Free Travel To Filipino Tourists And Businessmen

Recent reports have made it clear that Taiwan is making big changes in its visa policies. Its neighbouring nations have also started to relax their visa policies or make similar changes. The entire region is intent in making travel as convenient as possible. The policies also reflect the will of these governments to reduce paperwork and shift the process online. Continuing this trend, Taiwan has set a plan in motion that will facilitate visa free travel for Filipinos.

Source: philstar

According to this plan, tourists and businessmen who wish to travel to Taiwan can do so without the hassle of applying for a visa. Additionally, they can also apply to travel online. This is just a part of the reforms from the Taiwanese government. It plans to liberalize all travel for its neighbouring countries, starting from June 1, 2017. However the same reforms for nationals of Philippines were postponed for some reason.

Going further

It is unclear yet when this policy will take effect. But the time frame to implement this policy can be couple of weeks in the future. The Taiwanese government needs some time for implementing this policy. It will probably use this time to predict the impact on the influx of travellers. Under this program, the travellers need to show evidence of a ticket for return or onward journey. In addition to that, they also need a valid passport. This passport should not expire within six months of their stay in Taiwan. And of course, they need to be free from any criminal convictions.

But its immediate neighbours are not the only benefactors. It has extended this goodwill towards some Latin American countries as well, over the past few months. It is the Taiwanese government’s bid to increase tourism. The likely side effect, and perhaps the intention is to strengthen the economic ties with these countries. Consequently, the foreign investment in Taiwan is also likely to pick up pace and give a shot in the arm to the Taiwanese economy.

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