As E-visas Rise, Scam Visa Websites Increase

One of the latest countries to start e-visas is Brazil offering it to Australian passport holders. Many other countries like India, Australia, and Turkey also offer e-visas. While that is a big achievement for the particular country’s Tourism Ministry, it is also something very dangerous.

A man from Australia was trying to apply for an e-visa for India. Had he not known the rates for India’s visa, he would’ve found himself in a bad situation. When he opened a scam website, the rates for India’s visa was $175. A relative of his booked a visa a week later from the same website for $140. The actual cost of an Indian visa is $50. This clearly means, that India, a country known for its offline and online scams has also started scamming people for extra money.

The visas obtained through these websites are authentic and issued by the government, but the cost is a lot higher. These scam websites call themselves as agents and take a booking fee from the client, which is a lot more than visa cost itself. However, this isn’t only happening in India, but also in countries like Turkey. An e-visa to Turkey costs $14 for 30 days, yet on one of the scam websites it costs $60.

Source: Financial Tribune

Easy to get fooled

These scam websites look every inch similar to the original and authentic e-visa websites. They mirror the government’s visa application process that fools the visitors. Countries are aware about these scam websites and working on it. For example, when you search for e-visas for the US, a lot less number of scam websites appear as compared to it used to earlier.

To stay away from all the drama and losing your money, always go to the country’s embassy or consulate website. You will find all the required information and correct links.

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