USA Await Decisions on H-1B Visa

USA Await Decisions on H-1B Visa

There is increasing concern in the United States over the stance president elect will take over immigration once he takes over the presidency from Barack Obama. His policies on immigration were a key message during the campaign for the presidential election and businesses are bracing themselves for changes. Some business leaders agree that immigration is […]

Visabot launches to help tech workers with visa applications

Offering to Make America Great Again following the USA presidential elections results the founder of a bot has been launched to help people complete visa applications for entry to the United States for work. Visabot has been  launched on Facebook Messenger in beta mode which helps skilled tech workers and start-up entrepreneurs complete their visa applications. […]

Philippine President wants Visas for US Visitors

The president of the Philippines has announced that he believes that the country should change the visa rules applying to American citizens planning to visit the Philippines to make them get a visa before visiting the country. The controversial comments are a reaction to the fact that Filipinos wanting to visit the United States are […]

New Report on US Immigration Gives Ammunition to Both Sides

Recently the National Academy of Sciences issued “The Economic and Fiscal Consequences of Immigration” and instantly those standing on both side of the immigration debate claimed vindication from the contents. Both liberals, claiming that immigrations is a good thing and conservatives, calling for less immigration claimed that the report backed up their beliefs. With the […]

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