Australia Announce New Temporary Visa Sub Class

Australia Announce New Temporary Visa Sub Class

The already complicated Australian immigration system has once again been altered with the Australian government announcing a series of new temporary work visa sub-classes.  These new sub-classes have come into effect as of 19th November 2016 and according to the government have been introduced to make the process of applying for a temporary work visa […]

Australian Introduce New Visa to Attract Entrepreneurs

Australian has been under huge pressure to modernise the immigration processes and in their effort to become an innovative nation they are striving to attract the best possible talent from across the world.  Meanwhile there is mounting pressure to reduce immigration and as such there are government initiatives to change the immigration processes to attract […]

Australia Report Visa Cancellation figures for 2015-16

Recent statistics from the government of Australia have revealed that The Department of Immigration and Border Patrol cancelled over sixty thousand visas in the period 2015-2016.  The government have reported that the visa cancellations came about from a wide and varied number of reasons and there were no clear policies that had led to the […]

457 Visas for Public Sector Job on the Rise in Australia

An increasing number of people are being granted government sponsored 457 visas to enter Australia for work.  Statistics revealed recently show that more than 2,600 government sponsored visas were granted in the year 201-2016.  Most of the public service 457 visas were granted to health workers to cover a range of work that domestic workers […]