New Report on US Immigration Gives Ammunition to Both Sides

Recently the National Academy of Sciences issued “The Economic and Fiscal Consequences of Immigration” and instantly those standing on both side of the immigration debate claimed vindication from the contents. Both liberals, claiming that immigrations is a good thing and conservatives, calling for less immigration claimed that the report backed up their beliefs. With the […]

E-Visa Success and Expansion Plans for India

India introduced the e tourist visa back in 2010 and since then it has been a huge success. It was extended to British tourists in 2015 who are now one of one hundred and thirteen nationalities that apply for an e-tourist visa. These visas are cheaper and quicker to obtain doing away with the need […]

Britain Considering Two Tier Student Visa System

  During the recent Conservative Party Conference in the UK the current Home Secretary, Amber Rudd announced that the government was considering a two-tier student visa system in the UK.  The impact of Brexit has yet to be seen in many areas but immigration issues were at the forefront of many voters minds during the […]

New Zealand announce tougher Visa requirements

News released today reports that the New Zealand Residence Programme planning range has been lowered for the next two years. The New Zealand Residence Programme (NZRP) is the name of the organisation which manages residence approvals for the country and is divided into three areas which reflect the immigration aims of New Zealand. For the […]

International Student Visa Applications for Australia on the rise

International enrolments of overseas students in Australia were up 11% between January and July 2016. By the end of this period there were 401,000 student visa holders in Australia mostly arriving from China and India.  A sizeable number of the increases were a result of a greater number of student visa holders being eligible for […]

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