Australia tightens noose on ‘undesirable’ immigrants – bars entry

Refugees and Asylum immigrants have a hard time in Australia as border security and officials ramp up checking and rejections.

No sooner than it came under severe criticism for imposing a ‘final departure bridging visa’, Australia is in the news again for making life more difficult for ‘undesirable’ immigrants. As a part of implementing a strict immigration policy, Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said that the Australian Border Force Airline Liaison Officers were posted at select entry points to prevent terrorists and criminals from even entering Australia at all.

Defending this new immigration policy, Dutton mentioned that Australia preferred to bar those people which it considered a threat instead of letting them arrive and then assess their identity. Moreover, the officials are sending away unauthorized boats and ships back to their ports of origin or detention centers in the South Pacific. Under another ruling, they are preventing passengers from even boarding inbound flights if they consider a particular individual to be a threat to their national security.


This contrasts with the operating procedure adopted by other countries in the United Nations Human Rights Council and is a perilous step for Australia as it seeks to get elected in the UN body this November.

It can be considered as a response to the rising far right sentiment among people and the subsequent rise in the political parties like One Nation. With the current ruling party fast losing support, it is possible that these decisions are a part of a last-ditch effort to appease the conservative movement gaining foothold in Australia.

No matter the cause, the results will be as expected, as most other western cultures start caving in to the dissent among their local population against the immigrant flow. Whether this is a prodigy of political turmoil or the actual divide between the locals and immigrants, is but a speculation. A rife one at that.

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