African Countries Lead in Visa-free Travel

Africa has always struggled with creating an identity in the modern world, despite having a glamorous and historic past. Most nations struggled due to lack of water, while others didn’t keep contact with the growing world. In the past few decades, African countries and their leaders have tried their best to regain Africa’s past glory.

One of their first steps was to let African have visa-free access to other African countries. Currently, Africa leads in the visa-free travel sector. This borderless travel will definitely boost tourism and trade among the nations. Africa has a total of 54 countries with Algeria being the largest. Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenyan president, said that the freer the travel, people from different nations gets to stay together, and will appreciate each other’s cultures.

The African Union urged all 54 nations to take up the initiative. The African Union said that trade among the European Union countries is 70 percent as compared to only 16 percent among African Union countries. Currently, Africans get visa on arrival in only 24 percent of African countries. According to the African Union, at least 54 percent African countries should offer visa on arrival to African citizens. Ali Abdi, Uganda chief of mission at the International Organization for Migration, said that visa-free travel will let talent migrate to other countries. All countries will have to work on bringing together a tight border security in place.

Source: Map Pictures – blogger

Great move by Namibia

In 2018, Namibia will become the first country to offer visa-free travel to all countries in the world. Many other countries like Nigeria, Congo, and Rwanda have eliminated visas among themselves.

However, many people are worried about people migrating from poorer countries like Libya to stronger economies like South Africa and Nigeria. Some are also worried about the increase in crime rates at the borders.

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