7 Types of Australian Student Visas You Need to Know About

Are you planning to complete education in Australia? Well, then it is very important to know all different types of student visa Australia offers. The process of acquiring any of these visas is almost similar, but not all qualify for all types of visas.

Here are seven types of Australian student visas you need to know about:

1. English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students Visa – it is only for students who have specifically applied for studying the English language in Australia.

2. School Sectors visa – this visa is valid for students who wish complete either primary, secondary, or an exchange program in the country.

3. Vocational Education and Training Sector visa – students who wish to study Certificate I, II, III, and IV, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma are eligible for this visa.

4. Postgraduate Research Sector visa – those wish to study at the postgraduate or PhD level along with research are eligible for this student visa. Sometimes, student apply this purely for research courses as well.

5. Higher Education Sector visa – one of the most common visas, students who wish to study a graduate degree or diploma and bachelor’s degree are eligible for this visa. This includes all types of courses, however research is not included in such courses.

6. Defense sector or Foreign Affairs visa – only international students sponsored by Australian defense ministry or AusAID are eligible for this visa.

7. Non Award Sector visa – this is a visa that is valid on courses that don’t award any certificate or title and is rarely used.


All the visas are very self explanatory. All these visas last till your course ends. After that you can extend it for a couple months. Australia has a post study work visa that students use for a year or two before getting the work visa.

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