4 Reasons Why You Should Study in Italy

When you think of Italy, all you can imagine about is pizza and wine. Well, definitely Italy is famous for it, but it is also known for its historical sites and mind blowing art. Most language and fine arts students go to Italy for study. It is a hopelessly romantic country and you will definitely fall in love with Italy.

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Here are four reasons why you should study in Italy:

1. Low cost of living

Tuition fees only cost between 850 to 1,000 euros at public universities annually. Other living costs like accommodation, food, and transport will go up to 750 to 1200 euros a month depending upon where you stay. Further, there are also many scholarships and bursaries by the Italian government that you can advantage of.

2. Funny graduation ritual

Italy has the funniest graduation ritual of all. Once the official graduation ceremony is over, students party wearing funny costumes such as diapers and skirts and oversized hats. All of them sit on a bench and let their family cover them with ketchup, sauces, and eggs.

3. Travel all around Europe

Since Italy is a part of the European Union, you can travel freely around. That saves the money you need for issuing visa. Also, the Euro Rail offers great discounts to students to travel all across Europe. Remember to always travel in groups for safety and stay at hostels to save costs. Many hostels also give group discounts.

4. Maybe meet your better half?

Italy is a romantic country. You never know you will fall in love with someone while sharing a glass of wine. Italian are very lovely people or you might find someone from your country also.


If you want to work part-time in Italy, you can do so at local cafes and restaurants. You can paid around six euros for an hour minimum, but it can be higher depending on your experience.

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