4 Magical Places to Visit in Denmark

Even though it is a tiny country on the map, it has a lot of offer for its traveler. Denmark is a Scandinavian country that is famous for its nature. Explore Denmark’s nature, go on bike rides, or have a warm meal overlooking the city of Copenhagen. Denmark has beautifully preserved ts old glory. It is the oldest monarchy in Europe.

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Here are four magical places to visit in Denmark:

1. Tivoli Gardens

The Tivoli Gardens is the inspiration behind Disney theme parks. It is an amusement park where you will find puppet theaters, a roller coaster, cafes, and restaurants, and several other rides. It is a very pleasant place and if you have kids they will have fun running all over the Tivoli Gardens.

2. National Museum of Denmark

A visit to Denmark is incomplete without visiting the National Museum of Denmark. It is at a 10-minute walking distance from Tivoli Gardens. One of the major attractions of the museum is a 2000 years old sun chariot. The museum has many 18th and 19th century clothes as well. It also has a children’s museum where your kids can dress up in period costumes.

3. Nyhavn

There are several photos all over the internet of Nyhavn. It is a dreamy little town in Copenhagen with beautiful small houses along a small river with small boats. It is one the backside of Amalienborg Palace. There isn’t anything much to see in Nyhavn except the houses. Go on a relaxing walk and eat food at the tiny cafes that are all over the roads.

4. Kronborg Castle

This castle is better than the ones you’ve seen in any Disney movies. It is a UNESCO world heritage site and also the set for William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. If you are a literature buff, this is first place in Denmark you should head to.

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