3 Jobs Ideal for Every Management Graduate

Have you just completed your graduation and wondering what lies ahead? As a management undergraduate you must know that getting a postgraduate degree is necessary to get a good job. With an undergraduate degree you’ll get the job of an assistant and the pay won’t be able to fulfill your basic needs.

Source: Brefi Group

If you are wondering what lies ahead after doing a postgraduate course in management, here’s a list of three jobs that you can get hired for:

1. Management consultant

Most management graduates end up becoming a management consultant. The starting salary for this profession is as high as $85,364 in the US. With your expert knowledge, you have to guide the company to take calculated risks and plan its day to day and long term operations. You are the one who will be supervising everyone, so you need to have get control over yourself and very motivated as well.

2. Project manager

You can become a project manager in any type of company. Along with your team, you have to plan your project, hand over responsibilities, create work strategies, and make sure that the project is delivered on time. Starting salary for a project manager in the US is $71,162. You need to have great interpersonal and communication skills.

3. Social media manager

One of the latest careers for a management graduate, a social media manager handles the company’s social media. They have find ways to boost the company’s growth in the online world. You need to stay at the top of your game and stay updated with the latest developments. A fresher social media manager gets a starting salary of $48,186 in the US. If you are an undergraduate, you get the job of a junior social media manager and it will take you a couple years to climb to the senior position.

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