3 Best Cities to Live in Canada

Canada has always been a favorite country for Indians to settle in. The North American country has always welcomed Indians and other immigrants with open hands. Canada has a very good education system and the unemployment rates are low too. Canada has four times less crime rates than in the United States of America. Very less number of people own a gun because they feel Canada is safe and they don’t need to protect themselves. And how can we forget its beautiful environment and abundant lifestyle. It snows in Canada too!

Source: PlanetWare

Here are three best cities to settle in Canada:

1. Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa is full of architectural gems. It is the city in which world’s most handsome Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lives. So there is a good chance of you getting to meet him. It has government buildings, which are functional, so Ottawa is very safe to live in. Average salary of a person living in Ottawa is $50,000 CAD. Median house price is $425,256 CAD.

2. Quebec City, Quebec

Quebec City is often called as Canada’s most beautiful city. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the only city in the entire of the US and Canada to still have its original city walls. It is an architectural wonderland and you won’t ever stop falling in love with this city. Average salary of a person living in Quebec City is $54,538 CAD. Median house price is $266,578 CAD.

3. Whitehorse, Yukon

If you love nature and want to live in a place that is a perfect balance of nature and work life. It is undoubtedly a winter wonderland. You can also spot Northern lights in Whitehorse. Average salary of a person living in Whitehorse is $60,536 CAD. Median house price is around $440,000 CAD. It is the least populated and has a magical feel to it.

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